Happy International Happiness Day!

Happy International Happiness Day Everyone!

Today is the first International Day of Happiness, launched by the UN. The UN acknowledges that the pursuit of happiness is a fundamental human goal and society as a whole needs to work harder to promote the things that really matter in the 21st century.

“On this first International Day of Happiness, let us reinforce our commitment to inclusive and sustainable human development and renew our pledge to help others. When we contribute to the common good, we ourselves are enriched. Compassion promotes happiness and will help build the future we want.” ~ Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary-General

The video below is so touching with such beautiful music and makes me happy. The illustrations and captions are from the book “Be happy – A little book to help you live a happy life.” by Monica Sheehan.

What will you do to “Be Happy” today?


Purpose, it’s that little flame that lights a fire under your ass…

Getting back on track to Living The Secret; we’ve looked at our past, it’s only logical to look at our present and who we are. This is where The Secret says we should write our own Mission Statement, in other words, we should find our purpose in life.

Finding your purpose in life isn’t exactly new age thinking, this video above is from the comedy musical Avenue Q. The problem is understanding and defining what exactly our life purpose is. When I first started to figure it out I came up with this…

My purpose is to be a friendly, positive person who will love and care for those special to me with an open heart.

I don’t know about you, but I though this sounds like it belongs on a bad dating profile rather than defining my life purpose. I’m not even sure that would get me any dates either!

But, in the words (or lyrics) of Preston from Avenue Q, I’m gonna find my purpose… Continue reading