Time flies when you’re having fun…

Sorry it’s been almost a month since I’ve written, but I’ve been surprised by how quickly things could change by starting this Secret journey. We’ve all heard of the saying “Time flies when you’re having fun”, well, that definitely happened with me.

The foundations of The Secret is to change your vibrational frequency to a more positive one. I’ve done this in a few ways this past month:

Meet Friends – In appreciating my past, I was reminded of friends that I had lost touch with and began meeting with them. I haven’t seen some of them for almost 10 years. How can I call myself a friend when I haven’t seen them in so long? But it’s amazing how, even though so much time has past, we can still pick up from where we left off. Though we have grown, matured and had our own families and lives, we talked and gossiped like it was only yesterday since we last saw each other. This is when I realised; there are people who will always be in our lives even if we don’t see them regularly, but how much more fun would your life be if you did?

New & Old Experiences At Easter, a friend and I decided to re-live some of our childhood and go to an Easter egg hunt. We went into London for The Big Egg Hunt. Though it wasn’t much of a hunt with all eggs being in plain sight within Covent Garden Plaza, it was lovely to see all 103 of them. The egg hunt was in aid of Action for Children, so I was happy to donate to a great and worthy cause. Though I didn’t play a large part in supporting the charity event, I did feel some satisfaction just being there and experiencing the event with the enthusiastic volunteers that gave up their time. These volunteers work during the week, have their own families and homes to look after, yet they still take the time to volunteer for charity. Most of use feel like we’ve got such busy schedules we can’t afford to give time up for other things, but it’s the things we take the time out for that are actually more rewarding.

Start The Day RightIf you’ve read my previous post Happy International Happiness Day! then you would have seen a video based on the book “Be happy – A little book to help you live a happy life.” by Monica Sheehan. The music is “Cuore di Sabbia” (Sand Heart) by Pasquale Catalano, from the soundtrack of the movie “Mine Vaganti” (Loose Cannons), and I have totally fallen in love with this music. When I hear it, I feel transported into my own daydream where anything is possible as long as I can imagine it. So, I’ve changed my alarm ring to this piece of musical art. I get woken up to beautiful music and get brought from my uncontrollable unconscious dreams to my conscious daydream paradise. What better way to start the day than with a smile on your face from daydreaming of paradise?

The truth is, time flies whether you’re having fun or not, but it’s up to you to choose how to spend that time.


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