Appreciate your past…

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From my research on The Secret, it’s said that a good place to start is to understand what it is we like and dislike. That way we can train our brain to concentrate on what we do like and attract more of that. So I ask you, what are your likes and dislikes?

Well, if you’re as indecisive as me, chances are you’re not fully sure or the ideas that you have are very vague. So I thought about looking back in my past and thinking of specific occasions that have made me truly happy. Try it for yourself now.

Did you do it? If you did you should have a smile on your face right now, maybe even a little chuckle came out too. (Don’t worry if anyone is around, no one really thinks you’re crazy for smiling to yourself, they just wish they were happy for no apparent reason too).

Following from that feeling, what better way to start this Secret journey of ours but to reflect on the past occasions that brings a smile to your face and appreciating those moments. How can we expect good things to come to us if we don’t recognise and appreciate the good things that we already have?

Now we know where to start, why not get your old picture albums out to help you remember the occasions that made you truly happy. Being an 80’s girl, I grew up with hardcopy photos rather than digital copy. Remember those days, when you had to develop the roll of film before being able to see what pictures you took? Then you would take the time out to put them into an album, but sadly with the changes in technology, rarely do we take the time to dig these albums out and look back on our memories. Why not take the time now.

As you look back at your pictures, try to remember and feel the emotions that you had while taking that picture. I understand that not all pictures have a happily ever after; whilst looking through my pictures I was reminded of family and friends that have passed away and relationships that didn’t last. In these instances, try to recall the happier memories that you had with that person.

If you cannot think of any happier times with them, then repeat after me “I am the person that I am because of this experience and am stronger for it”. Next, take that picture out of your album so that it does not affect you when you look through your pictures again. I wouldn’t suggest throwing the picture away, instead keep it in a box away from sight, there maybe a time in the future when you will be happy to see that picture again.

Above all else, just remember to enjoy looking through your old pictures. Why not even call on a friend to look through your pictures together; you may be surprised at things your friend remembers that you didn’t.

Just by simply looking back through your pictures and appreciating your past, unknowingly, you have increased your positive energy and you are building the foundations to living The Secret.

Above is a gallery of some moments in my life that keeps a smile on my face.

Have fun looking back and appreciating your past.

2 thoughts on “Appreciate your past…

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